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Decking Screws

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Forgefix single threaded decking screws have pozidriv heads and are specially designed, hardened and green treated. The design of the screw helps prevent splitting the boards and allowing them to expand and contract with the changing seasons. Widely used in exterior timber and fencing applications. The 1,000 hour green treated finish offers excellent corrosion resistance to ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated timber used in construction and decking applications. The Pozidriv screw is similar in appearance to the classic Phillips cross head, but in fact is very different. The pozidriv has four additional points of contact and does not have the rounded corners that the Phillips screw drive has. The biggest advantage it offers is that, when used with the correct tooling in good condition, it does not cam out, allowing great torque to be applied. Pozidriv screw can easily be distinguished by a line embossed in the screw head at 45 degree to the slots for the driver. Single thread screws have been designed to offer higher pull out values and quicker insertion.

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