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Stanley Window Scraper

£2.16 Inc. VAT


The Stanley Window scraper is a great tool used for scraping any unwanted paint on window-panes. It would be used by trade professionals and home DIY users. The window scraper has a comfortable plastic handle with a detachable blade guard. It uses a standard 1992 trimming knife blade which can be easily replaced. The guard makes it a great window scraper not only for paint but also for ice on wind screens. The Stanley window scrapers are just the perfect tool to keep in your tool bag and in your work area. It gets rid of old paint easily making it ready to be sanded and repainted. It reduces the work from having to chisel or sand the old paint off. Supplied as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable plastic handle – For long harder jobs keeps the grip comfortable.
  • Blade guard – Keeps the blade covered and safe in a bag.
  • Scraper has a hole in handle – For hanging up on a hook for easy easier grab.